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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Peter Gottwald, Jr. and I'm a website designer and I look forward to making your next website look and function the way you want it to. Scroll down to see what services I offer, view theme examples, read my biography or send me a message with any questions you may have through the chat icon on the lower right hand side of my website.


WordPress Website

Take advantage of the WordPress website builder with it's easy to use tools and design layout. If you need help, let's take it step by step.

Tech Support

Need help with more than your website? No problem I've got you covered with my many years of experience working with Windows and Mac Computers.

SEO Website

I can help you learn how to use tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so lots of people can find your site on the web.

Quality of Work

I stand behind all of my website design work and will make sure that everything is to your liking and working properly on your website.


Do you love sharing videos, pictures and well just cool stuff you find? Let me help you make your blog look and function the way you want it to.

Lower Price Tag

I can help design it with you or design it for you for less than most. Let's get to work on your website!



Hello my name is Peter, I graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in education, health science and educational technology. I also hold a certificate in website design. With my education and experience working in the education field, coaching athletics and as a website designer I have learned how to take on multiple responsibilities and adapt myself for the needs of others whether it be in the classroom, on the track or completing work on a website for a non-profit. I very much enjoy what I do and teaching, coaching and designing websites are some of my passions. In my free time you will most likely see me riding my bike with my go pro camera or walking around exploring new areas or trying out new restaurants. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to me and that's why I like to keep active, eat right and do things that make me happy.

Besides my academic and educational career I was also a middle distance track and field athlete for team USA while in college and have been all over the world competing for the United States of America. I've been to Athens, Greece, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Beijing, China to name a few. I currently live in the Wilmington area, but I'm originally from the Bay Area in the North Coast of California. Even though I moved far away from where I grew up I've never looked back and even to this day I continue to advance my academic and educational career. I'm proud of who I am and where I come from and I have my family and close friends to thank for that. Remember to be true to who you are and you will go far. Click Here to Read More

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  •   Wilmington, DE